Max Brockbank

Max Brockbank

Search Marketing & Content Expert

Max Brockbank is an immensely experienced digital marketing achiever with more than a decade's experience in effective and profitable search technique and insight for brands such as Hilton Worldwide, TIME magazine, Regus and, with global experience at director level in the travel, fashion and eCommerce sectors, increasing revenue, driving traffic and improving authority.

Max offers breadth of experience and in-depth ability in producing, improving and managing all types of media – from print and broadcast to video and link-bait. He promises new ideas and new insight based on his wide-ranging experience. He is technically-proficient, statistically-minded, strategically insightful, focused on Return on Investment, loyal and always dependable.

He is fluent, lucid, dependable, persuasive, logical and a team player, although ready, able and willing to take the lead as appropriate. He is skilled in building, managing and maintaining teams and networks – of people or organisations – comfortable with explaining concepts and results to audiences at any level.

Aside from many years of solid expertise in successful online marketing, Max also has more than a decade's experience of content production, from reporting the facts and crafting the words to presenting them to critical audiences, both in printed media and online. This includes work as a sub-editor on famous publications including The Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times and TIME magazine.

Perhaps as a result, Max is able to cut through gobbledegook, spot technical and operational opportunities and happy to stand at the bleeding edge of new technologies, practices and strategies, all the while keeping firm to the principles of best practice and sustainability.

He has also for many years been a champion of content-focused marketing, leading the march to increased engagement with customers, stakeholders and search engines with the battlecry: "Content is King!"

Twitter: @maxormark, @biginSEO

LinkedIn: max-brockbank/2/b23/15

Born: Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom

Education: Some (Banbury School, Unitversity of Plymouth - Mechanical Engineering)

Height: 1.93m

Width: Unknown

Married: Yes

Still Married: Yes

Children: One of each + cat

Can he tell Jokes?: No

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